• Endurance


Do you like to run? Or maybe you shy away from the WODs that include running? Whether you’re a seasoned runner with many races under your belt or the person who detests the 400M run during the warm-up, the Endurance program at Strong has the right plan to help you improve your Endurance.

CrossFit Strong Endurance provides the opportunity for experienced endurance athletes, those interested in trying endurance events or simply athletes who want to improve their met-con WODs to train using the Crossfit Endurance (CFE) methodology. That methodology maintains that constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements are the best way to train for any athletic event – including endurance sports – while minimizing your training time and maximizing your quality of life. We pair CrossFit WODs with speed and interval work on the track as well as some distance to achieve to optimal results. Our motto is Train Smart, Run Strong.

Interested in joining our program, want more information? Email us at run@CrossFitStrong.com.

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