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Looking to take your CrossFit training to the next level and compete against other athletes? CrossFit Strong provides Competitor training to those athletes who want to compete in events of all sizes ranging from local competitions to the CrossFit Open and finally CrossFit Regionals or Games.

Our Competitor program will provide you the tools to improve your strength, conditioning and skills so that you can attack competitions in full force.

With customized training plans, coach led Competitor classes and Advanced Olympic Lifting classes we can help all Individual, Team and Masters competitors reach that next level.

Our experience with competing includes:

  • 2013 South Central Regionals Team – CrossFit Strong 7th Place
  • 2012 South Central Regionals Team – CrossFit Strong 10th Place
  • 2011 South Central Regionals Team – CrossFit Strong 5th Place
  • 2010 CrossFit Games Team – CrossFit Strong 41st Place

Interested in joining our Competitor Program? Email us at info@crossfitstrong.com.

2015 Competitor Program Overview

Strong has developed this program to assess, test, and provide and practical approach to any athlete’s desire to increase their work capacity across broad time and modal domains in a competitive environment.

Your goal to be more competitive at your box, perform at local competitions, rank higher in the opens, or qualify for regional and the games are covered.As competitive athletes, it is your responsibility to control your nutrition, rest, and mobility.

We provide the programming and Our programming is CrossFit! IT is constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity with the goal to increase our fitness and be good at everything. We identify weaknesses through our athlete levels, local competitions, and doing CrossFit. Depending on your identified weakness, you will fall into 1 of three categories.

Our competitor program will have 3 Meso cycles from now until the start of The Open. We will identify the recommended order of work for each day based on the goals of the meso and micro cycles. Weakness work will be the primary goal during this first cycle. A typical daily posting will look like this:

Monday – 3/2/2014

  • WOD:
    1. Princess Power
  • WOD (Dessert):
    1. 21-15-9
    2. DeadLift (225/155)
    3. Box Jumps
    4. Pullups
  • Beef:
    1. 5-5-5 Front Squat
    2. AMRAP – 80% of heaviest load.
    3. +Broken
  • Ribs:
    1. 5-5-5-5 Front Squat
    2. 3-3-3 FrontSquat with 3 sec hold in the hole
  • The Suck:
    1. Tabata Row rest 2mins Tabata Row
  • Broken:
    1. EMOTOM 20 Mins
    2. 1st min: 3 Strict Muscle ups
    3. 2nd Min: 10 GHD Situp
  • CrossFit Athlete Priority:
    1. W and optional TS
  • Competitor Program Priority:
    1. B & R/D/B/TS
      (This means that your priority will be the Beef and Ribs, then Wod, and based on your available your weakness and time do Broken and/or The Suck.)

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