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Don't Be SKERD...  
There have been a lot of questions about our SKERD program - what it is and who it is for. So - here you go:

The SKERD program was designed to provide a higher level of training for those athletes that want to be better competitors for the games or local competition or athletes that just want to excel at this sport.

The overall design of the program is to ensure that we are becoming well rounded athletes with focus on specialty skills that don’t get introduced frequently in the standard classes. It is my goal to have our program structured to include a primary focus lift in each four week cycle with complimentary lifts that support that goal and ensuring no deficiencies in strength, other lifts, or specialty movements. Introducing and varying strength lifts, WOD’s, and skills throughout the week to ensure maxim gain and no burnout. Clearly defined goals are important and will be sent each 4 week cycle. In general, we all should be striving to increase load, decrease time, and become proficient in our movements.

In general the programming is broad but individualized to a certain extent for your goals. SKERD focuses on "Donkeys" (movements that make you look like an a$$) and you will get more one on one time with the coaches to perfect these movements.

Bella Barbell Comp  
The Bella Barbell Society is a social network group for CrossFit women in North Texas striving for continued personal and athletic growth with the philanthropic purpose of giving girls and young women the knowledge and empowerment of self worth, inner beauty, and physical strength.

They are holding their first competition this month - a women's only competition! Each box in the area was allowed to enter one Rx and one NonRx team into the competition. Strong has a team in both!!!

The competition will take place in McKinney at CrossFit 380. It starts at 7:30am until 5:30pm but as soon as we know when our teams will be competing, we will let everyone so that can go out & support!

Social Friday  

This month's Social Friday will be held on October 21 at 6:30pm - after the 5:30pm WOD. Invite your friends and family to participate in the WOD then stay afterwards for food, drinks, and pumpkins!! You will need to provide your own pumpkin and carving tools - we have some but not enough for everyone. This will be a great time to meet the new members since we have not had a social Friday in a few months.

Get You Costume Ready!  
 Start shopping!!! CrossFit Strong's 3rd annual Halloween Party is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 29. More details will be be posted closer to the date.
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Paleo Crunch by Mylien Nguyen
1 cup almond flour
1cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup raw sunflower seed
1 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup raw honey
1-2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup coconut oil

Preheat oven to 350. Mix ingredients spread into a baking pan. Bake for 25 mins. Let cool. I wrapped some in plastic wrap so they can form into bars. Enjoy!!

 Lots of Tidbits  
KEEP THE BOX CLEAN -- Please clean up after yourself after WODs. KEEP ALL WEIGHTS ORGANIZED. Wipe down anything you touched and put the weights back NEATLY in the right spot! We will do our part if y'all your part!
STRONG FOUNDATIONS -- The next class starts MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH It is a 4 day class - M/T/TR/F at either 6am or 6pm. The class is required if you want to attend regular CrossFit classes.  Sign up today at
NEW WINTER GEAR -- We are working on new shirt designs for long sleeve & sweatshirts. If you have an idea - shoot it over to Ashley!
Advanced Skills-- We have added the list of advanced skills to the website & profiles. If you are checked off on all your Intermediate skills, start working on the advanced ones!
PICTURE BOARD -- Please let us know if your picture is NOT on the board!! If we find it before you do, you will owe us burpees!!
Shirts -- We sold out of our new STRONG shirts FAST! Ashley has put in a reorder and we should be receiving them by next week! We also got them in two different colors - so they will be offered in navy, grey, purple, & coffee! Make sure you pick one up - they go fast!! If you would like to prepay for one to make sure you get one, just let Ashley know, she is keeping a list & will pull your size aside
 More Tidbits  
NEW training Opportunity! Does someone you know want PERSONAL TRAINING? Are CF classes not right for you but you still want the group environment? Coach Becca will CUSTOMIZE a workout plan JUST FOR YOU & YOUR FRIENDS! For more information, email her at
Web site -- UPLOAD YOUR PICTURE TO YOUR PROFILE! NO EXCUSES, DO IT! Get a friend to help you size it if you
can't figure it out It helps people to put a face with a name, so if you aren't planning on changing it for a while
then please make sure the picture shows YOUR face.
RSVP- RSVP, RSVP, RSVP, RSVP -- The Classes are getting BIGGER. We program our workouts based on the number of people who RSVP with us. So help us, help you and do it. You MUST RSVP before 9pm the night before a morning class. If you do not RSVP, you will not be allowed to workout...and WE KNOW no one wants that!