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Nydia is what Crossfit is all about. I remember her coming in a little early for the Intro Class & literally turned around & started to walk out the door. Ashley caught her & convinced her to stay. She did great in the WOD, but we didn’t see her again until around the holidays – with her siblings. We have seen her grow – mentally & physically stronger each workout. She pushes herself to pure exhaustion everyday (She is out of her comfort zone) – and that’s what we like to see! She’s a perfect testament to “Results aren’t Guaranteed, they are Earned!” And Nydia – you have EARNED your results & will continue to see them as you continue to push yourself!!  We are extremely proud of you.
 Nydia Sanchez-Q&A  
How long have you been Crossfitting? — I started in mid-December of 2009, so almost 3 months now.
What is your occupation? — I'm a full time student at University of North Texas, working towards a M.S. degree in Higher Education. I'm hoping to get a graduate assistantship soon though.
Where are you from? — I moved to Richardson, TX a little over a year ago, after I graduated from Texas A&M. I grew up in Brownsville, TX.
How did you hear about Crossfit Strong? --After I moved to Richardson, my brother kept pushing me to join a CrossFit gym in the area. At the time, he was part of a CrossFit garage at Texas A&M. I searched online and I found CrossFit Strong, amongst several others. Just from the website, the blogs in particular, I knew I wanted to try out *this* one, so I went to the introductory class. I didn't join until several weeks later though because, despite how friendly and inviting y'all were, I was intimidated...and lazy. I put off joining until my brother and sister (both Aggies) came home for the holidays so we could all do it together. They've gone back to school and I'm still here. In fact, my youngest brother is now here too. He's 15!
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 Nydia's Transformation  
How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFS? -- Okay, story. A few weeks back, I remember reaching over to scratch my arm, triceps area, and I didn't recognize the feel of my own arm. That's how much I've changed physically. I feel like my body is changing too fast for my mind to keep up. That's just physically, and that's without being strict with my diet (working on it). Mentally, I feel like I can accomplish anything, push through the toughest WOD. But really, it's not all me, it's everyone at the gym who cheers me on and who waits around until I finish. It makes a world of difference to have everyone there. Also, I don't know if you consider this a mental change but it used to be so hard for me to wake up early every morning. Now it's easier. Now I look forward to it.
What is your favorite move? — Wall Balls. I've heard a lot of people complain about them but I kinda like them, and Smash Balls too.
What is your least favorite move? — Burpees. Burpees, burpees, burpees. Although, as much as I hate them, I'd still try to do that 100 Day Burpee Challenge.
What has been your favorite WOD so far? — 12 Days of CrossFit! After I finished that workout, and it took me nearly an hour to finish, I felt like I had finally pushed myself to the extreme. And yet I was still there! I felt like I could do any WOD, now that I'd done that one. Of course, it also scared me a bit because I had just started here and I wondered if everyday would be like 12 Days.
What has been your least favorite WOD ? — Ladder me. I almost didn't finish that one but thankfully, there was a great group of athletes there to help me push through. It was those Hip-Hop Burpees that killed me.... and those Double Unders, which for me, as non-rx, were 8:1 singles.
What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? — I would really like to get to the point where I can do most of the WOD's rx. I'd like to do pull-ups without a band, push ups without that snaking thing, box jumps on a box, double unders...I have a long list and a long way to go but already I see change and I know I can do it. I'd also like to have mastered eating right.
How do you see CrossFit as different from other programs? — In other programs, there is a focus on how long you exercise, how many reps you do, how far you go, but in CrossFit, it's all about intensity and form. You push yourself to your personal max, for however long you're going for, and you do it being mindful of moving your body the correct way. But for CrossFit, it doesn't stop at just exercise, it also includes nutrition and community. In CrossFit you have a family that shares the same ideals, that encourages, that motivates, and here at Crossfit Strong it's plain for anyone to see.
Did you think a sport of elite fitness would ever be for you? — , never! It's so unbelievable that I'm actually a part of CrossFit. You'd think only the fittest people in the world pursue elite fitness, but I'm not nearly fit enough and yet here I am.
How can other people relate to your story? — This is my story. An overweight (220lbs, 5'3"), asthmatic girl decides to try this crazy gym where girls lift bars with weights on them and guys get on bars and rings like acrobats. There's running, there's rowing, there's smashing, there's throwing, there's lifting, there's crawling, there's burpees. How can she ever fit in? There's introductions, there's blogs, there's comments on WOD's, there's cheering and grunting and...change. It's easy to be intimidated, easy to be lazy, but CrossFit Strong makes it easy to change your mind. My first few weeks at CrossFit Strong were hard. I didn't want to wake up early, I didn't want to be the last person each time but as I kept going, I realized I didn't have to do much to start seeing those results I did want - all I had to do is show up wanting it. I think here, it's not about others accepting you, because everyone does, it's about you accepting yourself. So I can't do all the workouts rx, so I usually finish last, so I can't take of my shirt (not just because I'm a girl) what! If I really want to, I can change all that...except maybe the shirt thing.
What is something that others may not know about you? --I love my church - Springcreek Church in Garland, TX. I volunteer every Wednesday night as a small group leader for 7th grade girls. I also volunteer at events for the student (6th-12th) ministry. For example our most recent event was called "30-hour famine." Students raised money prior to the event (just $30 helps feed and care for a child for a month) and fasted for 30 hours to raise awareness for hungry children (30 hours is the average time some children have between meals) during which they did a service project as well. As a leader, I fasted too. My church and this gym, CrossFit Strong, are two big reasons I commute to school and don't live in Denton.