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 Nick Smith - Q & A  
How long have you been Crossfitting? — 4 Years now started in 2008 when I was deployed. I was skeptical at first but I set my ego aside and decided to go for it.
What is your occupation? — I'm a patrol officer with the Dallas Police Department, I'm also a member of the Texas National Guard.
Where are you from? — I'm from the Mid-Cities area, specifically Hurst, Texas.
How did you hear about Crossfit Strong? — moved to Dallas, I needed to find a place to CrossFit so I get on the internet and googled different boxes that were near me. Lo and behold Crossfit Strong was LITERALLY down the street.
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 Nick's Transformation  
How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFS? -- When I started Crossfitting I did the WOD's on my own, and as anybody can attest to the WOD's are a kick to the pills. You attack the WOD as best you can, But, much like the military, when you have a whole group of people there to support you and enduring the suck with you it makes you push yourself further, faster and harder. I'm always looking to the left and right telling myself OH I gotta catch up to him, or I can't let them catch me. Whether we know it or not we are not only challenging ourselves but we challenge each other. So by that token I have for sure grown physically since I always try to push further and harder. Mentally, I would say that I have truly come to realize that nothing is unattainable with the proper application of guts and force. And when you have others right along side of you gutting it out you realize that you can be unstoppable.

What is your favorite move? — GHD Situps  
What is your least favorite move? — GHD Situps (its a love hate thing)
What has been your favorite WOD so far? — Murph.
What has been your least favorite WOD ? — Anything involving GHD situps
What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? — next year, I hope to continue to be a better crossfitter, be a better cop, and continue to have a great life (pretty broad I know)
How do you see CrossFit as different from other programs? — the thing that attracted me was the application to my career. I truly believe it has gotten me in the best shape and given me such confidence that when the proverbial #*!& hits the fan I'm more than ready for it. And that's a huge part of CrossFit, after the WOD physically you are stronger but MENTALLY you realize that you are capable of doing something that before you thought there was NO WAY.
Did you think a sport of elite fitness would ever be for you? — I'm game
How can other people relate to your story? — I was 270 lbs in Junior High I got tired of the way I looked and how other people were more physically capable than I so I started doing something about it. Ate right, exercised, but after awhile you start getting to a plateau and aren't seeing the same results. Before I first started CrossFit in 2008 I thought I had my fitness pretty well handled, but after starting CrossFit I realized that there is always another level to be attained. So I would challenge everybody, whether you are new to CrossFit or have been doing it for years to keep pushing yourself and challenge yourself. NEVER be Satisfied. Aim for the sky and go beyond it.
What is something that no one knows about you? — I like to cook