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  Strong Heart, Strong Mind, Strong Body
We chose Tarah Wheeler because of her great attitude she has EVERYTIME she comes to the box, not to mention that it's at 5:30am!! She attacks every WOD with attitude and never backs down to a WOD - regardless the weight or rep scheme! Thank you Tarah for being a part of the CFS Family!
 Tarah Wheeler -Q&A  
How long have you been Crossfitting? — July 2010
What is your occupation? — Staffing Manager for Accounting and Finance
Where are you from? — Amarillo, Tx
How did you hear about Crossfit Strong? -- ? I heard about Crossfit from friends from Amarillo that were coming to Strong to become certified to open their own CF gym in Amarillo.
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 Tarah's Transformation  
How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFS? -- Physically the scale has not moved much but I have lost inches and gained muscle and toned in places I never knew muscle could exist. I am stronger and feel that I am in the best shape I have ever been. Mentally I now feel like I can accomplish anything. My biggest competitor is myself. I have worked out, played sports and been athletic my entire life and have never felt the way I do when I leave CF. It makes you proud when you realize what you thought you would never be able to accomplish happens at Crossfit. It pushes you to your limits and it’s an awesome feeling. It is a huge sense of accomplishment. (it also helps when some random person comes up to you and says “wow you’ve got some guns”) lol
What is your favorite move? — Deadlift
What is your least favorite move? — Thruster by far
What has been your favorite WOD so far? — One of my favorites is Pepper-Love the kettlebell and deadlift combo!
What has been your least favorite WOD ? — My absolute least has to be the Triplet Hell WOD…. I think the name speaks for itself.
What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? — One of my huge goals is to do Pull ups RX during WODS…. It will happen; just a matter of time….
How do you see CrossFit as different from other programs? — I love that it is different everyday and not to mention being sore in a different place everyday…. I love that CF Strong is a FAMILY not a “gym”. There is not one gym in the world that is as welcoming or as encouraging than Strong. I can’t express how awesome the coaches and all the crossfitters are; and how they have changed me. It’s just a completely different world where everyone supports each other and loves working out…
Did you think a sport of elite fitness would ever be for you? — Dear lord no! I never was big on weight lifting and now it seems I can’t get enough of it.
How can other people relate to your story? — In the almost year I have been a crossfitter I have changed enough for my friends to notice and for them to also want to make a change. Everyone just needs a little encouragement to get started and the rest of it falls in to place. Let them know you have been where they are and was just as skeptical and in the same situation they are in; Needless to say I now have had 4 friends in little ole Amarillo that now CF at least 3-4 times a week! Greatness!
What is something that others may not know about you? -- Probably going to regret letting this one out but…. Here it goes! Growing up I always wanted to be an American Gladiator!

What is the dumbest thing you have heard at CFS? -- Can't
What is the funniest thing you have seen done at CFS?--The Frogger warm ups that Kyle has us do are pretty funny, but Becca wins for sure. The WOD had 66 pull ups in it and I literally had 3 left and RIPPED both hands! Not small rips either. 7 big rips and Becca comes over and sees how much pain I am in and says “are you done”? I look at her like she is out of her mind and I make the mistake of telling her I had 3 left. She said get a thicker band and grip with your fingertips and FINISH… Priceless!

What is your most memorable moment here-- I have to say my most memorable moment is when I FINALLY was able to do pull-ups unassisted.