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 Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!  
There were ALOT of things going on in March, April & May....finishing up CF Games Open WODs & Family Day and we just want to say THANK YOU to our CrossFit Strong FAM-UH-LEE!! Y'all were rock stars in not only participating in things but helping out when needed!

CF Games Open- WOW - what an exciting 7 weeks of competition! We saw so many awesome things get accomplished during those 7 weeks. Everyone's support was amazing. PRs were made - people were doing things that had NEVER EVEN TRIED! As a coach - THAT'S what it is all about....getting outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself until someone yells TIME. CONGRATS to EVERYONE who finished, participated & helped us every Wednesday night or Saturday!

FAMILY DAY WoW. This was a GREAT event that was put on FOR you & BY you. Thank you again to ALL the volunteers who helped make the day go smoothly, to the cooks who helped feed all of us, to all those who donated either money or gifts to help make it worthwhile.
Thank you to our Sponsor - AshCo, Dental Depot, Republic National Distributing, and Ben E. Keith Beverage Distributor. Your donations helped provide prizes, food & drinks for our big day.
But most importantly, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME! The day would not have been a success if no one showed up - and there were over 100 ppl there...past, present & future CFS family members! COMMUNITY is what it is all about - friendships. So thank you...from us coaches to you members...thank you for being such a STRONG FAMILY!
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What is It?
::The Endurance program is available for anyone who enjoys running or wants to improve their running game! Come to our Q&A session on Tuesday, May 24 at 6 a.m. or Thursday, May 26 at 6 p.m. A short fun run-WOD will follow the information session so that you can sample a little Endurance programming!
Consider making the commitment if you want to:
::Recieve coaching to improve your form and efficiency
::Increase your stamina during the WODs
::Improve your speed
::Successfully complete teh distance race of your choice
::Run with a group
::Recieve coaching, feedback, & training tips

Q: What is the cost?$30 per month
Q: When do we meet: Track Workouts - Wednesdays at 6am or 6pm. Saturday Distance runs at 7am. Mileage "homework" to be completed on your own during the week
Q: Do I need to be a CrossFit Strong member to participate absolutely not! Our program is open to ALL runners and distances are scaled to accommodate abilities & race goals
Q: How do I sign up? Attend one of the Q/A Workshops or email
 Friendly Reminders....  
Our classes are getting BIGGER and the summer months are approaching FAST and temperatures are only going to get HOTTER! And the hotter the temperatures, the more we sweat! Here are some friendly reminders on gym etiquette

Some things to remember - as weather gets hotter & classes continue to grow!
- DRINK WATER! Make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day - before & after the WOD
- WEAR DEODARANT!! It is hard enough to breath during WODs as it one wants to inhale BO as well! Extra never hurt anyone!
- WIPE DOWN EVERYTHING!! You touched it - wipe it down! If you are an excessive sweater, bring your own towel to help wipe down during WODs. But disinfect after every WOD
- After you finish the WOD - do not congregate in the workout area - ppl may still be working out & do not need to work around you. Be considerate of those still working out as well as the class after you
 Organic Co-Op Opportunity  
Urban Acres is a local organic market located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Their co-op style produce system helps bring organic vegetable to you with out you shopping or figuring out what is in season. They deliver to CrossFit Strong every 2 weeks so it is an convenient pick up. There produce is always fresh and very affordable. It is $30 for a half share - which could easily feed a couple or small family. A full share is $50 if your family is larger or you want to split with someone!

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 Lots of Tidbits  
STRONG FOUNDATIONS -- The next class starts MONDAY, MAY 16TH It is a 4 day class - M/T/TR/F at either 6am or 6pm. The class is required if you want to attend regular CrossFit classes.  Sign up today at
NEW training Opportunity! Does someone you know want PERSONAL TRAINING? Are you wanting to try CrossFit but need a little more transition? Get your friends together for a person Group Training by Coach Becca will CUSTOMIZE a workout plan JUST FOR YOU & YOUR FRIENDS! For more information, email her at
Jimmy Buffet 2011 -- There is a group of us that will be attending the Jimmy Buffet Tailgate on 5/21. It is an all day event that is GUARANTEED to get crazy! If you want to go, talk to Gale!
Weight Vest -- Are you interested in buying a weight vest? We have recently been authorized to start selling vests from We are working on getting a discount & will post to the site soon! If you are planning on ordering one, let us know & we can help!
Social Friday's -- Bring Your Friends to our Social Friday's. After the 5:30 WOD on the 3rd Friday of each month starting  May 20th 2010!!!! Have a Beer or beverage with your fellow friends and athletes. Invite your friends to meet the crew and be a part of the strongest community in DFW! 
New Shirts -- We sold out of our new shirts FAST! Ashley has put in a reorder and we should be receiving them by the end of the week! If you would like to prepay for one to make sure you get one, just let Ashley know, she is keeping a list & will pull your size aside
 More Tidbits  
CF Games REGIONALS -- CrossFit Games 2011 are underway! After the Opens, the top 60 men and women from each regional advanced to the Regional competition as well as the top 30 teams. CrossFit Strong is sending two athletes - Becca & Mike Witte; as well as a team! Regional's for our region will be in Tomball, TX June 17-19. It is a 3day event - WODs have not been announced nor has any type of schedule. However, we are planning a ROAD TRIP! If you are interested in going to cheer on our athletes, please send Ashley an email, she is working on getting hotels. More details as we receive them!
Web site -- UPLOAD YOUR PICTURE TO YOUR PROFILE! NO EXCUSES, DO IT! Get a friend to help you size it if you
can't figure it out It helps people to put a face with a name, so if you aren't planning on changing it for a while
then please make sure the picture shows YOUR face.
RSVP- RSVP, RSVP, RSVP, RSVP -- The Classes are getting BIGGER. We program our workouts based on the number of people who RSVP with us. So help us, help you and do it. You MUST RSVP before 8pm the night before a morning class. We like our sleep too, so if no one is signed up, then we won't be here, you woke up early, and you missed a workout lose/lose, so RSVP.
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