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We chose Matt Hendricks for Athlete of the Month for January! We can not say enough good things about him and the positive impact he has on this box!
 Matt Hendricks -Q&A  
How long have you been CrossFit'n? — Since April 2012
What is your occupation? — Pharmaceutical sales rep (drug mule)
Where are you from? — Houston TX
How did you hear about CrossFit Strong? -- Jake Thompson told me CrossFit would be fun......
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 Matt's Transformation  
How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFS? Mentally have learned how to get in that mental dead space and just go even when my body wants to quit. Physically I have never been in better shape in my life. Have gained strength and lost weight!!
What is your favorite move? — Overhead Squats
What is your least favorite move? — Box Jumps
What has been your favorite WOD so far? — Tough to pick a favorite. I tell Gale and the coaches almost everyday "how much fun that WOD was!" May need to have my head examined.
What has been your least favorite WOD ? — The one where I don't push myself hard enough.....or my very first WOD, Silent Misery. Just.....No....
What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? — I'd like to improve Olympic lifting technique more, increase muscular/cardio endurance, gain more strength, get down butterfly pull ups, 5 consecutive muscle ups.
How do you see CrossFit as different from other programs? First and foremost, the community. You don't get this type of community/family closeness with other types of programming. After that, CrossFit is the prefect programming to train for life!!! You may need to save a loved one from a burning building...better train CrossFit. Zombie Apocalypse looming.....better train CrossFit. Going on an adventure type vacation...better train CrossFit so you can maximize the enjoyment. Going on a beach better train CrossFit so you'll be thankful for some extra rest days!!! But seriously, whether you're a sport specific athlete or someone who is working out for the first time in their life, CrossFit is a great way to accomplish goals you set for yourself.
Did you think a sport of elite fitness would ever be for you? — When I first heard of CrossFit several years ago I thought it was kinda nuts. Just a bunch of people running around and lifting weights are the same time. I had no idea what actually went into training CrossFit and the benefits it provides. Now that I'm a part of the community I don't ever see myself going back to a "regular" gym. I may add different sports throughout life for enjoyment and a challenge, but I always see myself being a CrossFit athlete first.
How can other people relate to your story? — I think that those out there who were active at one point in life and then for whatever reason got out of the routine of being active, we share a similar path. It had been long enough since I was really committed and motivated to fitness. That is when I found CrossFit and it has completely reenergized and re-motivated my commitment not only to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but to pushing myself beyond what I think I am capable of.
What is something that others may not know about you? -- I'm a pretty open person so this is a hard one to come up with. But in case you didn't know, John 3:16. That and Pitch Perfect is a great judging!!!
What is the dumbest thing you have heard at CFS? - When I was told "you can learn double unders in about a week or two"

What is the funniest thing you have seen done at CFS?
-- That's another one of the great things about CFS, there is constant laughter!! (But 2013 12 Days of CrossFit.....oh baby....just wait)

What is your most memorable moment here-- Going to the 2013 CrossFit Regional's in San Antonio and beginning some solid friendships while supporting our great competitors. And getting my first muscle up. Thought only 2 people were watching/coaching me, then once I get to the top of the rings the whole box erupts. Very cool feeling and support for first MU experience.