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 Can you say HOT!  
I think it is safe to say that it is SUMMERTIME! The tempatures are getting higher and it is only going to get hotter! So, when it gets hotter, we sweat, sweat, & sweat some more! It is very important to stay hydrated before, during, & after the WODs.

What does hydration have to do with me & performance
Hydration is usually maintained during sedentary conditions. The consumption of fluid normally compensates for fluid losses through urine, feces, respiration, skin, and sweat. However, during exercise, water and electrolyte losses (especially sodium and chloride) from sweat can exceed intake. Even minor losses can negatively affect athletic performance. For instance, just a 2% decrease in body weight from fluid loss can decrease performance (1) and as low as a 1% decrease (only a 1.5 lb. loss for a 150 lb. athlete) can impair attentiveness (2), which may indirectly have a negative effect on performance. Benefits of adequate hydration during exercise include the following (3):
- Lower heart rate
- Higher stroke volume
- Higher cardiac output
- Higher skin blook flow
-Lower core temperature
-Lower perceived exertion
-Better performance

Maintaining adequate hydration, however, does not only involve the time period during exercise. It begins before exercise, continues during(depending on length of WOD -gy), and extends well after.

Dehydration can negatively affect physical performance and health. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for fluids and electrolytes to be replaced. To ensure this, enough fluid and sodium should be consumed before, during, and after exercise. Day-to-day observations of weight, urine color, and thirst are practical assessment tools of hydration.    
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Many of you have heard or been participating in our our Get Some or Skerd program that was designed to help take you to the next level in your training. Through the feedback that we have received and with the CF Games closing in, we have decided to change up the program a bit. We will be focusing on strength and advanced movements. The program will be call SKERD!

We will have 2-3 extra strength workouts throughout the week. The WODs will be shared & updates will be sent weekly. You will be able to do these extra WODs during the regular class times. You can choose to do the regular WOD, SKERD WOD, or both - we are leaving that up to you! However, they will only be done during class times, we will not allow you to come up early before classes or stay late. The WODs will consist of mini WODs with advanced movements and strength WODs - we will try to cover everything.

In order to be in this program, you MUST be checked off on ALL your intermediate skills - no exceptions! The reason is that you will be doing the extra WODs on your own and we need to know that you are able to do them. Click HERE to see the list of Intermediate Skills.

The program is going to cost $15/month. We will start July 1st. Unlike the programs before, this will NOT give you discounts on other programs like Olympic Lifting, Mortal Kombat, or Endurance. If you would like to sign up, click HERE . If you are currently enrolled in the SKERD/GET SOME program, you will not have to sign up again, but you will all be in the SKERD. Trade in your bands for grey ones.
 Running Skills Session  
How's that 400 meter run during your WOD? Form breaking down? Out of breath and can't sustain the intensity? Or worse, are you skipping the WOD completely when you see running in the mix? Here's your next opportunity to get a sneak-peak into efficient and injury-free running! Crossfit Strong Endurance is hosting a Running Skills Session to evaluate form, teach drills and offer tips to help you improve your running.

Here's the Scoop!
- Saturday, July 9 @ 8:30am. We'll wrap it up in time for the 10am WOD so stick around
- $10 if you are not currently participating in Endurance
- Adaance RSVP is required - we will cap the attendance so RSVP ASAP! Email us at
- Meet at The Box and be ready for some footwork at 8:30am

Don't get left in teh dust - it's time to start running STRONG Additional questions? Catch Coach Cat or Coach Marla at the gym or email us at

If you still need convincing about our Endurance Program - check out Danika's Story:
When I moved to Texas in January, my very first outing was a Saturday morning run with Crossfit Strong Endurance. I was welcomed completely, and I made friends with the team instantly. I had been running a few days a week, generally about 3-5 miles at a time, but I didn't have any specific goals or a plan of any kind. I joined Crossfit Strong Endurance just hoping to get in to a better routine and maybe learn a bit about running more efficiently. I would not have ever guessed that just a few months later on May 1st I ran a half marathon and crushed it by running it in 2:03:16! The weather on race day was dreadful, there was a horrible thunderstorm with high winds, but I was totally prepared for it. The beauty of Crossfit Strong Endurance is that you train through all of the elements, as you never know what race day will bring. Crossfit Strong Endurance has taken my running to another level, and I have learned a lot about the sport of running overall, but I have also learned what I'm capable of. I know I am capable of even more going forward, and the coaches and my Endurance teammates will make sure that I get there, and I will have a great time along the way! Coach Cat and Coach Marla are amazing coaches and really dedicated to making us STRONG runners with a goal in mind, and they will hold you accountable! I would recommend Crossfit Strong Endurance to anyone who wants to improve their running and meet a wonderful group of people along the way!
 June Schedule Change!  
Due to Regionals this year being in Houston, we have to modify our schedule some for that week. It will be posted on our website but wanted to give everyone a future heads up!

Classes will run normal Monday-Wednesday, June 13-15. Then:
-Thursday, June 16:
>5:30am, 6:30am, noon, evening classes closed
-Friday, June 17:
>5:30am only, 5:30pm only
-Saturday, June 18

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Edamame Salsa by Coach Cat
1 can black beans - drained & rinsed
1 can white corn - drained & rinsed
1 bag edamame - cook per directions on bag, rinse & cool
1 bunch of green onions - chopped
1 large red bell pepper - chopped
1 bunch of cilantro

1/2 cup to 3/4 canola or vegetable oil (I start with 1/2 cup, mix everything in a blender and then add a little more, if needed, to get the right consistency)
1 tablespoon chili powder
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
Juice of 1 large lemon
Dash of Tabasco
Salt & Pepper
Toss everything in a blender and mix it up. Coat the salad with the dressing, refrigerate and serve with Fritos (or keep it low call and just serve as a side-dish with some grilled meat).
 Lots of Tidbits  
STRONG FOUNDATIONS -- The next class starts MONDAY, JUNE 20TH It is a 4 day class - M/T/TR/F at either 6am or 6pm. The class is required if you want to attend regular CrossFit classes.  Sign up today at
NEW training Opportunity! Does someone you know want PERSONAL TRAINING? Are CF classes not right for you but you still want the group environment? Coach Becca will CUSTOMIZE a workout plan JUST FOR YOU & YOUR FRIENDS! For more information, email her at
Olympic Lifting Class -- Want more one on one training with specific Olympic lifts? Join Mark Hurd's Olympic Lifting class! The class focuses on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You will perfect your skill and get stronger! Classes are $15/mo or $5/class for drop ins.
Weight Vest -- Are you interested in buying a weight vest? We have recently been authorized to start selling vests from You can order ours TODAY on the Strong Equipment Site
Social Friday's -- Bring Your Friends to our Social Friday's. After the 5:30 WOD on the 3rd Friday of each month starting  May 20th 2010!!!! Have a Beer or beverage with your fellow friends and athletes. Invite your friends to meet the crew and be a part of the strongest community in DFW! 
New Shirts -- We sold out of our new shirts FAST! Ashley has put in a reorder and we should be receiving them by the end of the week! If you would like to prepay for one to make sure you get one, just let Ashley know, she is keeping a list & will pull your size aside
 More Tidbits  
CF Games REGIONALS -- Crossfit Games 2011 are underway! After the Opens, the top 60 men and women from each regional advanced to the Regional competition as well as the top 30 teams. Crossfit Strong is sending two athletes - Becca & Mike Witte; as well as a team! Regional's for our region will be in Tomball, TX June 17-19. It is a 3day event - WODs were announced and teh events will be taking place Friday morning through Sunday evening. We are planning a ROAD TRIP! If you are interested in going to cheer on our athletes, please send Ashley an email Hotels are filling up fast so if you have not reserved one, do so ASAP! Ashley will have her phone on her at all times so that the "cheer section" can stay in touch while we are there! Updates will be posted via Facebook & Twitter
Web site -- UPLOAD YOUR PICTURE TO YOUR PROFILE! NO EXCUSES, DO IT! Get a friend to help you size it if you
can't figure it out It helps people to put a face with a name, so if you aren't planning on changing it for a while
then please make sure the picture shows YOUR face.
RSVP- RSVP, RSVP, RSVP, RSVP -- The Classes are getting BIGGER. We program our workouts based on the number of people who RSVP with us. So help us, help you and do it. You MUST RSVP before 8pm the night before a morning class. We like our sleep too, so if no one is signed up, then we won't be here, you woke up early, and you missed a workout lose/lose, so RSVP.
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