What New Changes can you expect this year at Strong?
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Change For The New Year

New Programs / Classes / Goals

Do you have any goals for the new year? We want you to be able to reach those goals, and we want to be the place you do that! From now on, we will be offering an Open Gym on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm (to start). This will be an opportunity for you to come work on anything you like. The 9:30 intro and 10am class will still be available if you would prefer that.

Competitor classes will tentatively start every Monday 5:30 am  / Wednesday 5:30 pm/ Saturday 9-12 / Special Oly - Tuesday 5:30 am/pm.  Do you want to get better for local competitions? Regional's? We care about your competitive spirit and want you to train in an environment to meet your goals. This program is for anyone with those goals, but I care about your safety and longevity in the Sport.  You will need to have minimum movement and work capacity requirements to join these coach led classes.. (If you are interested in this class and expanding your programming, email me). 
The Olympic Lifting Class will be changing some too. We will be adding a class during the week on TUESDAY. From now on, you will be allowed to come to as many classes during the week as you would like. This will give you a chance to practice, practice, practice all that you are learning. Freedom will be changing the workouts daily and adding this extra class during the week will help for him to get around to give each of you more individualized tips. If you are not signed up for this class and have been thinking about it, now is the time!


  • New Sweat Shirts Next Week
  • We are Ordering More of the Long Sleeve Shirts This Week
  • Holiday Hours - We will close 25th & 26th / open 9am 24th
Athlete of The Month
Matt Hendricks

"That's another one of the great things about CFS, there is constant laughter!! (But 2013 12 Days of CrossFit.....oh baby....just wait)"
12 Days Of Christmas 
The Epic Event
Jan. 4th @ 5pm

No One is Safe! Want to your friend to get challenged, sign them up on the board this week! Here are some of our events for that day:
  • Beauty (Kim Wilson vs. the Beasts (David Burford and Geoff Morgan)
  • 12 Dozen Krispy Kreme Challenge
  • The Jeremy Calahan Bicep Challenge
All proceeds will go to CrossFit for Hope including our T-Shirt Sales. Pre-Order Now