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  Strong Heart, Strong Mind, Strong Body
We chose Cory Hall as our October Athlete of the Month because of his great attitude and smile when he walks into the box. He is always chit chatting with people & usually singing & is excited to get his workout on! His encouragement to others during the WOD is inspiring. He pushes himself & we have seen him grow just in the short time he has been here. He represents Strong with pride & we are happy that he is part of this Fam-Uh-Lee
 Cory Hall -Q&A  
How long have you been Crossfitting? — since the end of May 2011
What is your occupation? — Director of Sales
Where are you from? — Originally Mesquite, TX
How did you hear about Crossfit Strong? -- I heard about Crossfit and wanted to find a place on the way home so I would have no excuse for not working out.
OCTOBER Featured Athlete
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 Cory's Transformation  
How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFS? I have always been strong mentally; no matter where I start I know that if I put in my time I will get to my desired destination. The physical changes I have seen are spectacular, I am achieving things I never thought possible…my strength is coming back!
What is your favorite move? — Power Clean
What is your least favorite move? — Lunges (for now)
What has been your favorite WOD so far? — Big & Strong Birthday WOD, the name seems to really depict who I am.
What has been your least favorite WOD ? — Oops I forgot (Wish I could forget)
What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? — In the next year I want to be able to do every WOD Rx, be able to climb the rope, have six pack abs and a record contract. I will hold auditions for backup dancers on Wednesdays after the 6:30 WOD. Remember these words to live by, “we ain't got nothing to worry about….Whoop ass, let security carry em out” (Ludacris).
How do you see CrossFit as different from other programs? I don’t think other programs incorporate the competitiveness factor into their workouts. They do good work, however the intensity is lacking. But the biggest thing other gyms lack is me there singing to everyone.
Did you think a sport of elite fitness would ever be for you? — I always knew I would enjoy doing something like crossfit, however not to the extent of which I have grown to love it.
How can other people relate to your story? — I am a firm believer that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I am the product of gradual hard work, upon graduation of high school I was an offensive lineman weighing at well over 300 lbs. Not understanding how diet and cardiovascular exercise should be incorporated into one’s everyday life, I was clueless to the fact I was living an unhealthy life. Shortly after a few lifestyle changes, cardio 6-7 times a week and a better diet, my body quickly responded. And now crossfit is taking me further than I would have imagined.
What is something that others may not know about you? -- Hmmm, should I tell? I can do the splits…but, it has been a while. I need to start stretching again.
What is the funniest thing you have seen done at CFS?--Well I didn’t get to see it because I was doing it but it was me trying handstand pushups for the first time, I looked like a shark out of water!

What is your most memorable moment here-- The first time I finished in the top 3 for a WOD…Thank you front squats!