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What does everyone do?

What does everyone do for a living?  I think we had a blog like this a few years ago and I enjoyed reading through the responses and was definitely surprised by some of the responses! (I had no idea that Becca donned a superhero outfit and fought crime at night, for example)


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  • AliciaS 01/29/2014 23:13:28

    I am a Quality Manager at GE (Critical Power) in Plano. 
  • SarahH 01/21/2014 13:30:21

    architect:  any building type including residential, EXCEPT jails.  don't like .gov work.

    i own my own business, and I balance life as a wife and also a mom to a super cute 2-yr-old.
  • LisaS 01/10/2014 15:15:05

    I'm an Interior Designer. I'm the lead designer at Baker Design Group, officing right up the road in Carrollton. We do everything from residential redesign to reconstruction, new build, full blown design jobs, commercial and corporate design projects annnnnd large scale Christmas installs. Yes, I have a 4 year accredited degree in Interior Design. Yes, what I do is different from "decorators" :)

    Been with my firm for about 2.5 years and love it.

    I also do some freelance painting with both commissioned artwork and set and backdrop design and implemtation....I paint pictures on 1500 square foot canvases and people sing and dance in front of them.

    Other than that, I love people and being around them, traveling, singing, dancing (when I don't overexert and hyperextend my knee), love live music of any and all types, improv comedy, cooking, anything creative, anything spontaneous annnnnnd working on my life goal of becoming a Black Gospel Singer. My roommate would tell you I don't stop and sit well :)

  • GregChandler 01/08/2014 09:51:13

    I am a database developer/programmer for the energy management consulting firm Solomon Associates. I primarily work on, and oversee the development of, databases used in our benchmarking studies. After work, I enjoy spending time with my family and helping coach my kids' basketball and baseball teams, and various church-related activities.
  • ClintD 01/08/2014 08:57:11

    I founded and am the managing shareholder of a 20 attorney north dallas law firm. I practice real estate and corporate law, but I have attorneys practicing in the areas of employment, litigation, intellectual property, and family law (since Dallas has an 80% divorce rate, we had to get into that game!). Mainly I run a just happens to be a law firm because that is what I do. I am fourth generation Dallas native, and went to Greenhill, where Monica (see below) teaches and coaches. I played collegiate soccer and tennis. Got burned out so went to running marathons. Got burned out and went to biking and swimming. Got burned out and now I am a CrossFittin' fool! Love it! My main goal is to stay healthy for the next WOD, so I scale like a big dog...but I am still here! Sing in the great band Forest Lane as my alter ego/hobby. Long live the 5:30ers...the real CrossFitters! Humbly submitted, Clint
  • MonicaG 01/07/2014 12:16:41

    I'm a physical education teacher at Greenhll School right down the road from the box on Midway.
    By Morning: 
    5th grade- all girls class, teach the basic fundamentals of every sport offered here at GH and we also mix in some fitness challenges, assessments and oh yes DODGEBALL.
    2nd grade- cooperative games, motor development, manipulative skills.  scooters, dodgball, tag games ... GAMES GAMES GAMES
    Pre K / Kindergarten- lots of developement. throwing, catching, kicking etc...
    By Afternoon:
    Fall - Varsity Volleyball Assistant
    Spring - Head Softball Coach.

    Wouldnt really call this work...... would you? lol.
  • BrianneH 01/06/2014 14:58:52

    This is never an easy question for me to answer. I’m a diagnostic imaging portfolio executive and I work for a group purchasing organization called Novation. In a nutshell, I negotiate radiology contracts for hospitals so they can purchase their equipment in bulk. My background is in radiology with a master in healthcare administration. (I’m slightly addicted to education)


    We’re hiring and in need quickly!

    Per my director, we are willing to take on someone who doesn’t have a healthcare background. If you have good business skills please apply. I’m being overworked! J

  • MatthewWendel 01/06/2014 13:18:52

    I used to work in Contract Law for Homeland Security in Washington DC, until I transferred to Dallas and am now working with Veterans Affairs. 

    I am a Contingency Contracting Officer.  If there is ever a major disaster or attack in the Region Dallas VA Medical Center will handle the aftermath and I will be running all the contractual / business logistics side of things (after Ike and Katrina they brought folks to the VAMC in Dallas). 

    When there are no emergencies (hopefully it stays that way) I work in Biomedical and Security, right now in charge of about $100 million in Contracts serving our Veterans.  Other than that I am an avid hunter, and I enjoy hanging out with my family (my wife Lindsey and our adorable German / Australian Shepherd mix Jackson).
  • CameronR 01/06/2014 12:31:51

    I am the Land Manager of an Oil & Gas Company called Eland Energy Inc. (aka Sundown Energy LP).  we have an interest in roughtly 6,000 wells and operate about 600 of them through roughly 10 different states.  I handle/oversee/negotiate all land functions and most A&D work for the company.  Title, Leasing, ROW, Surface Agreement, Operating Agreements, Assignments, PSA's, due diligence etc...

    I will throw in some of my hobbies as well.

    obviously i like to be active.  other than Crossfit,

    -flag football.  our team was a top 5 team in the state for a while till most of us blew our knee(s) out.
    -Piano.  used to be pretty good.  Picking it back up
    -history buff.  I like those 1000 page non-fiction books with a bunch of facts that most people find boring.  Pretty much all I read.
    -travel- tell me when and where
  • EstelaReynoso 01/05/2014 21:41:12

    I was with Henry S Miller Commercial for 6 years.  I specialized in multifamily and Tenant/Landlord Representation.  I am now with Champions Real Estate Group and I continue to do Commercial Real Estate and Residential.  I am a retired Triathlete.  I did triathlones for 12 years.  I did two half ironman in Florida and a full ironman in Lake Placid, NY.  After that I retired.  I now like to bike and most important do crossfit.

  • AndyS 01/02/2014 10:55:12

    I am in real estate wth Realty One Group Partners, specializing in residential (Park Cities, Uptown, N and E Dallas), and commercial (industrial, retail).

    Thanks for creating this topic! 
  • DavidGarza 01/02/2014 09:32:07

    I guess I can participate in this wonderfull idea.

    I am the Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer for Institutional Property Advisors here in Texas, which is smaller group inside of Marcus & Millichap. I design flyers, postcards, proposals, offering memorandums, and all listing advertisements for properties that we send out to market. I have been at my current position for almost 2 years and before that I was a graphic designer another small company Garland, which I did about the same thing but instead of properties I designed tags, posters, and programs for plants that went into Home Depot, Lowes and other graden centers. Just a small part about me... Oh before being a artist I was in the military.
  • AaronP 12/22/2013 12:21:28

    I coach triathletes for a living.
    My company puts on races, training camps, group programs, we have on-staff nutritionists, chiro/PT/RMTs, and two retail facilities.  We're opening location number 3 next year that I'll be managing.

    But I really can't call what I do "work".
    I splash around in the pool.  I ride my bike as fast as I can.  I run around.  I'm more like a professional 12-year old.
  • JoaquinMartinez 12/20/2013 11:53:09

    This is a great idea, Andy. I love to find out what people do, and not everyone fills out their profiles completely! 

    I work at Sabre (in Southlake) for our Airline Solutions business unit. Specifically, I support our strategic long-term product planning/management process. I've been doing that for the past 6 months, but for the previous two years I managed the finance team supporting our 4,000-person Technology organization. 
  • JasonD 12/20/2013 02:32:45

    By day, I'm a Director of IT for an ethanol manufacturer.  By night, I'm alternatively a family man and social butterfly, but deep inside, there's a wallflower just waiting to break free.

    In a perfect world, I'd either be acting, or sitting on boards, driving business.  You choose it.  In the interim, my company recently changed executive leadership, and I'm less than happy about our new direction, so I can be swayed to be someone's major domo, I'm sure.


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