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Before You Get a Cold

Ah, cold season is upon us. It starts out, a friend or a family member starts out with a cold, and maybe they didnt wash their hands before you shook their hand. Or even worse, they may have sneezed like 10 feet away from you, and tiny little air droplets found their way into your respiratory system because the wind carried them there. So the next day, your throat starts off being a little sore, the next day the coughing starts, then runny nose, then fever....

Alright, but you can prevent this. Normally when my throat has that little soreness before I get sick, I start popping vitamin C tablets. Then, I normally dont go through the other phases of the cold.

(1) Go to the supermarkets vitamin aisle and get the cheapest generic brand of Vitamin C. Take 2 a day. Or if you really love oranges, start eating those. Brocoli and peppers also have a high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the immune system to fight off disease.
(2) Eat a lot of protein- meats and potatoes (starches). If youre hungry, eat. EAT! This will also strengthen the immune system.

If your cold continues on to the next phase (s),

(3) Avoid high-intensity physical activity.
(4) Rest, take naps.
(5) Drink a lot of fluids. This is so that your renal system excretes the cold virus (you pee it out).

If its really bad though, like your coughs start to have a whooping sound after you cough, or you start to have a bad fever. Or along with your cold symptoms, you start having to go to the bathroom in other ways (you know what I mean), then consult a physician.

Lastly, the best way to avoid a cold is prevention. If you shake hands with someone you know has a cold, dont panic. It only affects you if your hands find their ways to your own nose/mouth. Just wash your hands. And encourage them to wash their hands too. They might get offended, but then you can say, "But Im trying to prevent a public health problem!" Before they slap you in your mouth, walk away.

But seriously, wash your hands.

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  • CarlosA 01/05/2013 13:59:27

    Echinacea, awesome! just read about it in wiki:
    I wish they could do higher quality studies on it, in order to prove its usefulness to the greater population, and thus spread the word of its benefits. But hey, if it works for you and your family, then it's no doubt good to prevent colds with its use!
  • AnjilicaD 01/04/2013 20:29:41

    Taking Echinacea capsules/gummies has helped our family a lot too.
  • CarlosA 12/10/2012 22:05:57

    Looks like you've got it under control, Sarah! It's better to be at your best health-wise and doing WODs when youre feeling in tip top shape, rather than exacerbate a cold with a high intensity sport like Crossfit. I hope that your daughter gets better! Emergen-C is a good choice. It's never a bad idea to take vitamin C, especially now during the holidays, when many people tend to get sick.

    Something to note is that infants' immune systems are not as well developed as ours, as adults. This is why sometimes it takes longer for an infant to feel completely better: the cells of their immune system take longer to fight and produce memory cells that recognize foreign bacteria and viruses. As time goes on, and we are exposed to different pathogens throughout our life, our immune systems retain cells that recognize and destroy the same virus/bacteria/pathogen that we were exposed to as children much faster. Almost to the point that we don't notice symptoms or feel sick at all.

    During my first year of medical school, our zany professor Dr. Joan Nichols would often make us watch videos like this on the immune system:

    I think everyone should learn about immuno at some point, it's a pretty practical subject.
  • SarahH 12/10/2012 21:29:48

    Thanks, Carlos! 

    As a follow up, I take emergen-C every night before bed. With a virus-stricken infant at home, it has kept me from coming down with anything - and she is constantly sticking her own slobbery fingers into MY mouth when I'm not paying attention. So, it def works!!

    Also, out of respect, I've missed over a week of cf now bc my daughter is sick :( hurting for a WOD but would hate to pass along her virus to anyone, especially during Christmas season!
  • cat 12/09/2012 16:55:25

    And please spray and wipe down your weights and equipment before leaving the WOD....and if you think you have a cold or are getting sick, please do NOT come and work and and walk around telling everyone that you think you are coming down with a cold (or worse the flu).     Sounds silly to have to make this request, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard people who admit they are sick but they still insist on showing up for the WOD!   Use some common sense....if not out of respect for your own body, then please out of respect for your fellow friends and athletes!  
  • CarlosA 12/06/2012 10:11:12

    No problem!
  • VJCirigiri 12/06/2012 08:58:33

    Good to get reminded. Thanks!
  • AdamC 12/06/2012 08:48:21

    HA! Great stuff.


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