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How Exercise Can Boost Your Immune System

Hi guys, my names Carlos, and my background is in medicine. I currently work at a clinic for patients with endocrine and metabolic disorders, including diabetes.

Just wanted to put the idea out there that not only does exercise help us to remain fit, but it may boost our bodys natural ability to fight off disease through stimulating the action of the immune system. The immune system is important in fighting off small illnesses like the common cold, as well as diseases like cancer. T cells are part of the bodys immune cells and are important in the recognition and fighting-off of disease.

The Huffington Post published this article in October, explaining a study in which participants exercise regime helped to decrease their risk of cancer. The article explains that the findings are preliminary, so take it with a grain of salt.

I enjoy reading about health and healthy lifestyles, and well, since we are all working towards that goal, I hope this will help. 

Id like to add that I am a big proponent of integrative medicine. IM consists of preventive medicine....rather than our current healthcare systems ye-olde reliance on looking for "the quick fix prescription," preventive medicine relies on factors such as diet, exercise, and natural supplements (ie. vitamin C and omega-3, found in the vitamin aisle at the supermarket) in helping people ward off illnesses without having to receive an expensive medication (with side effects- all medicines have side effects). Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician, educator, and proponent of integrative medicine calls it "functional medicine....the opposite of dysfunctional medicine." His TEDMED 2010 conference is a great discourse on the state of functional medicine in our country. You can look it up on YouTube (its about 20 mins long).


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  • CarlosA 11/19/2012 19:14:44

    Not yet! That's the goal though.
  • JasonD 11/19/2012 16:41:13

    Great stuff, Carlos.  Thanks.  Are you a doctor?
  • Drollen 11/19/2012 16:13:19

    Great information thanks for the post 
  • VJCirigiri 11/19/2012 08:55:36

       Thanks and happy to listen on such topics.

  • CarlosA 11/17/2012 23:22:36

    Not a problem! I like to share interesting science/nutrition research when I find that it's legit. Definitely more to come. 

    With that said, I won't flood the boards, lol
  • CoachYocom 11/17/2012 19:12:18

    Great post. Thanks for the resources. I love watching this stuff. 


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