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LifeStyle Challenge - Part #2

A year ago I completed my first Whole 30 Challenge.  In that month, I lost 12 lbs, 4% body fat and achieved my desired fitness weight.  Since then I have continued to eat as clean as possible during the week, and on the weekends I eat and drink whatever I choose.  This formula served me well until the Holidays.  For some reason, I put on the feed bag and never took it off during the month of December!  Not only had I gained 6 lbs, my workouts were suffering as well.  Thankfully, Whole 30 Challenge #2 came to my rescue!  

RESULTS:  My goals for this challenge were to lose my excess Holiday weight and improve my WOD times while not losing muscle.  I easily lost 7lbs along with 3% body fat and my cardio improved dramatically (shaved 4 minutes off of my SALT time from last May)!  I have to say that I did feel "weaker" during the WODs, but some of that may have been "mental" in that I see myself losing weight and slimming down, so I naturally think I am losing muscle?  Overall, I could noticeably feel the difference in my cardio.  I did repeat the Dumb Bell Hell II WOD and beat my time by -1:23  (not a great improvement, but that WOD should be illegal anyway!  I am normally a very light sleeper and tend to wake up rather easily during the night. Not on this diet!  I cannot believe how well I have slept the past 30 days! Overall, this diet proved once again "you are what you eat".  Its not easy to eat this way for 30 days, and for me the weekends were very challenging, but I have to say I have never felt better (mentally or physically) and look forward to continuing to eat this way during the week, and limiting my cheats to weekends and special occasions.

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  • LeticiaS 02/07/2012 09:55:17


    Congratulations you did it again!.  Glad you are sleeping better, now just dream but do not cheat!


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