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Crossfit Fam-uh-lee~ Words or actions cannot describe the gratitude our family has for all you have done for us.  We are forever indebted to you all.  From the kind words, prayers, well wishes, gifts, meals, donations and most of all just being family we can lean on during this time for support means the absolute world to my family and I. A special thank you to Julia for being the Bryce/Crossfit liaison during our hospital stay, the Swanson family, Mylien, Jake, Leah, the Boyuls Family, the Lee Family for making the trek to McKinney to bring Bryce his goodies and to the Yocom’s for being who they are and for creating such a special place, a home away from home, where people truly are not just people but instead family!!

An update on Bryce’s condition, for those of you not on FB, he is 3 years old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  It is a very common cancer found in young children and very treatable.  While at our stay at Children’s hospital he had a port surgically placed, that he’ll receive his chemotherapy through.  He will have another bone marrow pull on Day 29 (Feb, 22nd) and so long as his leukemic count is below 0.01% he will remain in the low risk category and receive normal treatments.  The treatments will include chemotherapy once a week for 6 months (with occasional lumbar punctures and bone marrow pulls), then chemotherapy once a month for 3 years.  He has been responding great to the treatment thus far and continues to be normal 3 year old boy running around the house, jumping off furniture and playing baseball in the house (when the chemo isn’t making him sleepy)! He must stay indoors for the first 29 days since his risk for infection is very high but after the 29th day he will be able to resume normal activities and will be up at the box to visit everyone!!

Bryce and I are tough little cookies (just ask Linds ) however, with the love, support and continual prayers from our STRONG FAM-UH-LEE we will be that much stronger so we can continue to fight this long but courageous battle.  We are grateful to have each and every one of you in our lives and thank God every day!! We will continually update everyone on our progress down the road to KICKING LEUKEMIAS ASS!!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Jacob, Michelle, Aiden & Bryce


Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. 
Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
- Marie Curie

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  • PaShunD 02/08/2012 08:47:13

    Michelle I'm so very proud of you and your family.
  • EricS 02/06/2012 13:02:41

    Thanks for the update Michelle -- and so glad to hear that Bryce is doing well and responding great to treatment!!!  Your family remains in our thoughts and prayers.



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