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You can try a Free Intro Class on most Saturdays at 9:30 am and/or one of the Strong Foundation Classes. Make sure you check the schedule to confirm the class.


Increase your general physical fitness, get competition ready, train for Olympic lifting, or get your kids ready for their sport; We have the program for you.


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Athlete of the Month

I cannot even describe in my words how much I have changed since January, I lost 39 pounds so far.
WOD (W):
5 – 8 – 10
DeadLift (365-405/255-285)

Squatting Fire
4BS @85% of 1rm
Rest 45 seconds
4BS @ 85%
Rest 30 seconds
5BS @ 90%
Rest 5 mins and Repeat @ 90%-95%

10 x 1 Split Jerks
*Increasing to heavy single

CrossFit Athlete Priority: B / WOD
Competitor Program Priority: B/WOD + Choose B&R based on Quality Time
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