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ADRIAN! Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Adrian Chapa, this month’s Athlete of the Month at Unified Crossfit!

Adrian has been crossfitting for almost a year now. He joined Unified Crossfit on February 21, 2010. Happy 1 year Anniversary, Adrian!

Adrian is a staple at the “U”s 6:30pm class. You can say he defines the qualities that make up that class: Strong. Powerful. Elite.  He says it has been a gradual progression, but over the last year his waist size has decreased by about an inch and a half.  Moreso, however, he has become immensely stronger and is much more flexible then before. 

Since joining the “U”, Ben and Noel have remarked how Adrian’s upper body strength has increased tremendously.  He now whips through kipping pull-ups and has become a considerably faster runner.

He intends to work on and improve his lifting techniques. Over time however, his goal is to improve his times on benchmark wods.  He already seems to be improving on that already… just a few days ago, Patty Cardenas, another 6:30pm staple athlete remarked what a fantastic job Adrian was doing and how proud she was of him.  That’s the kind of camaraderie the 6:30pm class has developed. 

Adrian says he doesn’t have a favorite crossfit wod, but is quick to say that his least favorite crossfit exercise are burpees (I’m sure he secretly dreads our 20 pre-wod burpees these days).

When asked what he loves most about Unified Crossfit, Adrian says, “generally speaking, I love the energy that Noel and Ben bring to the gym.  That energy helps myself and all the other members to get through some difficult wods.”   

Before crossfitting, Adrian would occasionally lift weights and attend spin classes.  Now, since crossfitting, he has much more energy than before. 

Adrian is an attorney who has been practicing for about 7 years.  Other than crossfitting, he enjoys working cattle and spending as much time as possible at his family ranch.  He also enjoys fishing and golfing when time permits.  He recently got married to Hermelinda, who he finally convinced to join the “U” as well.   

Someone recently asked Adrian if there was ever an "easy" wod at the “U”.  He answered "of course not".  But that’s what makes him love crossfitting even more… the challenge of it all… and it’s definitely made him a stronger athlete. 

Congratulations, Adrian.  From your “U” family!




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