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MARIA! Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Maria Bernal, Unified’s Athlete of the Month!


This past weekend marked 9 months since Maria began crossfitting and she, along with her trainers, have seen her endurance and strength drastically increase since. 


Maria’s favorite crossfit exercise are burpees, especially burpees to box jumps.  “I just love the feeling of working out your core, arms and legs all in one exercise.” Its no wonder that Maria jumps onto the pull-up bars these days, easily performing one unassisted pull-up after another.  What’s impressive is with her small but muscular frame, she does it without showing much effort at all. 


Her lease favorite wod? Anything that involves 100 of everything. “That one has been painful for me...” Regardless, she does all hundred reps without ever complaining and rarely loses her correct form.  That’s why Maria is one of the strongest athletes at the “U”.  Since joining, she has gotten fast and strong enough to hopefully compete soon. 


When asked what she loves about the “U”, she says “EVERYTHING lol.  I love the fact that if Im stressed out, all the members plus trainers make me forget everything and just have fun”.  She enjoys being able to workout, joke around and laugh out loud all at the same time, which for her didn’t happen at other gyms. 


Outside of crossfit, most of her time is dedicated to her two wonderful kids. “I love them.”  Her son, Rashawn, also an athlete, has Maria consumed with basketball, baseball and football almost daily.  But she wouldn’t have it any other way.  And her little princess, Hailey, just likes to be close to Maria and listen to music with her.  Maria is also attending LCC to pursue a new path in her career.  So when she isn’t being Mom of the Year or studying, she prefers to sleep… she’s probably so tired from the burpees to box jumps!


Congratulations, Maria! Keep up the great work!!!



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