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CFS COED Indoor Soccer

Hey, Im trying to gauge if we would have enough people to start a CFS COED indoor soccer team for the next season. It looks like the two closest indoor places - Inwood Soccer Center and Spectrum Soccer Center both charge about $600 - $700 per team per season. Also, every player needs their own ID card which is $25 per year. Fees are divided by the number of players to get a per person total. We could probably take up to 15 players as we will always have 6 field players at once + a Goal Keeper. At a minimum we want at least 10 players at every game for subs. Also, it looks like most COED League games are played on friday or staurday. Girls make or break any COED team so DONT BE SHY LADIES! Also we need a sweet team name so keep that on the brain. Let me know if anyone has any ideas and please only say youll play if you will actually be paying and showing up to games. No experience is required but ballers are welcome. Gracias.

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  • JonC 11/04/2010 10:52:33

    Adam, can you add me to the distribution list, or just send me a schedule?

    I play indoor at Inwood on Monday nights, but would like to watch a game or two if schedules don't overlap.

  • AdamC 10/11/2010 11:14:37

    Game tonight at 8:40 pm. Be there 10 minutes early to sign the waiver if you didnt last time.
  • AdamC 09/30/2010 16:13:08

    Alright - first game at 7 pm on monday, october 4th @ samuell grand field - 6200 E. Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX. Lauren and Michelle cant make this game so all remaining girls must show! Try to be there at least 15 minutes early to sign the waivers and stretch.
  • AdamC 09/28/2010 14:37:50

    t shirt - jersey from another team - whatever, shouldnt matter as long as one is red and one is white.
  • AdamC 09/28/2010 14:36:53

    From what I understand it doesn't have to have a # on it.
  • SarahD 09/28/2010 14:32:05

    Adam- are the shirts just teeshirts? and do they need to have number on them?
  • AdamC 09/28/2010 13:51:11

    Guys we are less than a week away. Remember the games start next Monday - October 4th. They still havent posted the game times but as soon as they do I'll email it to everyone. Remember to bring one Red shirt and one White shirt to all games. Black shorts and white socks should be fine if you have them. It looks like we have 12 players total which makes the per person fee = $ 41.67. I'll also shoot this info to emails when the schedule comes out. FYI - it's about to be on!
  • AdamC 09/20/2010 08:31:52

    Alright guys, we have almost everyone as 100% confirmed to pay and play on the squad. However, we do still have a few stragglers. I need everyone's help in harrasing/coercing the following people to commit 100%. They are - Alexis Ross, Landan Webster, Michelle Wiley and your own Gale Yocom. Don't fell bad about it, just do it. That's all I've got. Schedule still to come.
  • AdamC 09/16/2010 09:48:23

    It starts on Monday the week of October 4th. The league will create the schedule and game times soon I hope and as soon as I know you will.

  • AdamC 09/16/2010 09:43:25

    I registered the team yesterday and stayed conservative with Crossfit Strong FC as the team name.
    Here is the squad:

    ADAM C

    If everyone on this list pays and plays it should be $38.50 each for the season.
  • allenwhite 09/15/2010 14:34:08

    Thanks Adam.
  • AnthonyS 09/15/2010 13:28:32

    Sure, my email is, name's Anthony Sims call me Tony.
  • AdamC 09/15/2010 12:01:36

    Anthony S I need your email.

    Also, I'm rolling with a White and a Red jersey - black shorts and white socks.

    If you have some old white and red t-shirt/jersey that should work.
  • AnthonyS 09/15/2010 11:27:12

    Crossfit Brawlers
    Crossfit Bombers
    Texas Knights
    The Stangs (short for mustangs)
    Dudes and Dudettes
    The Net Monstas
    Ball Busters
    Hat Trick Crew

    Team America!!!
  • AnthonyS 09/15/2010 11:13:23

    Adam, if you have room put me down. I love soccer!!
  • LaurenS 09/15/2010 10:48:48

    Team Name Suggestions:

    1. Looking to Score
    2. Futbol Ninjas
    3. Suck My Kick
    4. Kick Tease
    5. Crossfit Strong
    6. Crossfit Futbol
    7. Kickin Crossfit

    Clearly they are all very classy choices!

  • AdamC 09/15/2010 10:24:56

    Sorry to keep posting but we still need a team name and I haven't seen anyone comeup with something. If you leave it to me we might end up with something horrible like the Tittsburgh Feelers! JK. Someone has to have something cool. Let me know. And in case you missed it, we'll be playing on Monday nights.
  • AdamC 09/15/2010 10:20:46

    Alright, so I think we have enoguh players.

    We have - Adam, Michelle Wiley, Gary Arthurs, Lauren Starmer, Alexis Ross, Landan Webster, Julie Medcalf and Joe DeMoss all confirmed.

    I still need a good email and confirmation to join for Allen White, Michelle Dahl, Nick Smith and Coach Gale.

    That makes 12 which is totally enough. If another 6 people decide they want in soon then we could field 2 CFS teams. 9 players each to allow for some subs and no shows. Otherwise, we are set!

  • SarahD 09/15/2010 10:01:47

    My husband would love to play if you need an extra player. His name his Joe DeMoss and email address is
  • MichelleW 09/15/2010 09:34:31

    Michelle Wiley,

    Thx for putting it together!
  • GaryA 09/14/2010 20:00:03

    I am in Gary Arthurs email:

  • LaurenS 09/14/2010 10:35:33

    Lauren Starmer,  email:

    I'm also making the following 2 people play!

    Alexis Ross, email:
    Landan Webster,  email:
  • JulieM 09/14/2010 09:30:29

    i will play outdoor. and during the week is definitely better. when we played at spectrumon fridays, we had a lot of 11:00 and 12:00 games.
  • AdamC 09/14/2010 09:10:24

    Alright, it looks like Monday nights will allow for the most people to play and Michelle is right. In this type of league there are no keepers so, my bad. The fields are @ Samuell Grand Park - 6200E. GRAND AVE, DALLAS TX. It's kind of close to white rock lake and is probably a 25-35 min drive from the box depending on traffic. I need the Full name and email of everyone who wants to play. Either post it here or we can start a sign-up sheet at the box. Other than that we just need a badass team name and to decide on a jersey color - remember they said we need to have a white and a 2nd (color) kit. I'm stoked about this it should be fun.
  • LaurenS 09/14/2010 00:00:14

    The outdoor 6v6 sounds good to me!  I'm in.  If we can't find a keeper, I know of one on another league I play on.  So lemme know! 
  • NickS 09/13/2010 14:59:04

    Id love to play but i can only do monday/tuesday nights

  • MichelleD 09/13/2010 13:49:43

    I'm in for the Monday night league if that's what y'all decide.
  • MichelleW 09/13/2010 13:17:54

    I'm in!  I don't think the 6v6 outdoor has goalkeepers though...
  • AdamC 09/13/2010 12:38:36

    Also, who is a goalkeeper? We need to get one on board. Any takers?

  • AdamC 09/13/2010 12:37:10

    I would also prefer weekdays. Nice find Alexis! We can do either Mon or Tues 6V6 COED outdoor @ 100 South Glasgow Drive, Dallas, Texas - Randall Park. It looks like it starts October 5th. $499 a team. If we get 10 players it's only $50 a person for a 7 game season plus the playoffs we will definitely be making. It also includes a league t-shirt. We would need to have a white jersey and a color jersey but they can be t-shirts as long as there is a # on the back. Sorry to change it up but is everyone down with it being outdoor? Let me know because I'll need to register pretty soon. Thanks!
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