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1st Goal in 6 yrs.

Its only been close to 2 half ass months of crossfit (for me) but I credit my success to the gains Ive made in this time. Its a short story - sort of. As you may or may not know I still play soccer and this past Tuesday I scored the 1st outdoor goal Ive scored in the last 6 years since college ( I play defense in the back). It went like this, Monday we had to run a 5k. In my genious I show up with a new pair of shoes that happen to be to small and totally devastate my right foot to raw bleeding meat. Tuesday, after some heavey wrapping I suck it up and play our first outdoor game of the new season. I came into crossfit with a few goals and they included gaining endurance and speed. Late in the game I made a run from the very back and was able to receive a pass in front of goal and still have the legs to blast a shot upper 90. That may not seem tough, but if youre as out of shape as Ive been its progress. Anyhow, I just thought Id share a success and give some love to what helped me get there. As I continue to transform I look forward to wrecking it on the pitch and in the box. Gracias!

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  • allenwhite 07/29/2010 13:17:14

    Seems like there are a lot of soccer players around here. Where does everyone play? I think someone needs to organize a CFS soccer game.
  • LaurenS 07/28/2010 17:46:03

    1. Soccer is awesome

    2. You're awesome for scoring a goal, especially while playing defense!!!  Good work!  And yes, Crossfit definitely helps with soccer in terms of speed, strength, and stamina.  Congrats!  Many more goals to come!
  • CoachYocom 07/28/2010 14:02:14

    Awesome! But really...raw bleeding meat? j/k  it is just the start, wait two more months and then two never gets old and you always get faster.
  • PaShunD 07/26/2010 12:47:32

    Way to bring the noise Adam! Oh and that foot meat thing, nasty! lol
  • BradC 07/25/2010 13:00:58


  • MichelleW 07/23/2010 15:30:52

    awesome! this gives me hope to finally score as a defender too :)
  • AdamC 07/23/2010 08:35:54

    vuvuzela's fa sho!
  • JerryF 07/22/2010 16:45:48

    Great job, Adam!

    Now you have me thinking about bringing a vuvuzela to cheer for people during the WOD.
  • SarahH 07/22/2010 15:48:13

    nice!  congrats on the goal, and bigger congrats on working hard to get there!
  • marlam 07/22/2010 13:08:01

    Way to go Adam, Crossfit prepares us for everything. I am sure there will be many more goals in your future.


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