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Tank Top Motivation

Before you think I am writing about the realm of aesthetic motivators, let me explain. 

This past weekend I ran in a small 10K race with my husband.  It had been over a year since we last ran a 10K, and my goal was to improve on my last time.  I have recently started training with CrossFit Strong, just one month in at this point, and already I am seeing a vast improvement in overall endurance and strength that is really exciting.  The thing about CrossFit that works for me is the support and encouragement from other members working out alongside me and the competition I feel with myself to improve (and actually do a RX WOD eventually!).  

So even though this was not a CrossFit event, and nobody I knew of from CrossFit ran this race, I decided to wear my new CrossFit Strong tank top.  The theory being that I would push myself harder as a result because 1) I was wearing a physical reminder of a mindset that says I can push past pain and weakness, and 2) I would want to represent well the name I was bearing.  And lets be honest, its also a really cute tank.  

But like I said, this isnt about aesthetics - and my theory worked.  I shaved 7 minutes off my previous 10K time, and placed 3rd in my age group.  I even had one woman come up to me after the race and tell me I had a great pace, and she pushed herself to keep up with "the blue tank top" the whole way. Wow!  That is definitely a first for me.  And I attribute it to the training I am receiving, and the motivation I am obtaining, from CrossFit Strong members and coaches.  

I cant wait until the next race :)

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  • cat 04/20/2010 15:12:55

    Sarah F - great feedback!  Impressive that you are pushing outside your comfort zone!  I look forward to seeing you try out some endurance training, too!   And, I really like your new pic - in the aforementioned tank - better than your prior pic where you're holding the gun (that scares me just a bit but the tank is equally as intimidating)!  

    Sarah H - now don't be hatin on endurance if you haven't even tried it out.   We have all levels of runners (including those who don't necessarily love to run, but want to get better at it) in our group!   Come and try it out!
  • SarahH 04/20/2010 14:57:45

    and she's been running without doing CFE - think of how much quicker she could be with some endurance in her, too ;)

    and no, Sarah, i will not go to CFE with you.  but i will fully support you going!
  • sarahf 04/20/2010 14:41:14

    Ha! A half is actually my goal for this year, so I'm on track!
  • CoachYocom 04/20/2010 14:38:54

    What What! Giddy up! We are proud to have you as part of the CrossFit Strong Family. Now that I know you busted out a 10k. You might need to start looking at a half!  Or maybe a weighted 10k next time, but you have to wear the shirt.
  • LoraS 04/20/2010 14:36:48

    That was a great reflection.. thank you for sharing!!  Guess I will be buying a tank today!!!
  • marlam 04/20/2010 14:32:10

     Great testimonial to the benefits of Crossfit and the results you earn in so many different areas. Great having you at the box, keep up the awesome work!!


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