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Wardash plans 5/1/10

Everyone ready for 5/1/10?   Im halfway thinking of running the thing in hotdog costume but dont really want to do that unless other people will something equally as stupid, plus hotdog costume seems to confilict with crawling under barbed wire...  It is my impression that whatever shoes you wear will either need to be destroyed or machine washable,  so I cant decide if this is an oppurtunity to get toe shoes, or maybe even barefoot it (which seems like a terrible idea). 

Im in 11:30 and know many of you are too, there will be some people from CF Deep around too but not sure when I think they are going to show up later (maybe 1:30?).  Looks to be some good times! 

Anyways any carpools etc gonna happen?  Im not even sure where Forney is... Sounds like a made-up name to me.

Carpool Hotdog

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  • MistyKeene 04/21/2010 14:37:22

    I signed up to man the tent when not running.  Are we doing the tent for the Sunday waves as well?  I volunteer to help out then also if needed
  • TaylorB 04/21/2010 12:24:02

    Anybody know where a guy can find a kilt? I'm going braveheart on this b***h.
  • JeffP 04/21/2010 11:09:25

    Already got my Edgefest ticket ^_^  The logistics of getting back to Frisco from Forney after all that will be interesting.
  • CoachYocom 04/21/2010 08:29:26

    Packet pick-up will be available during the following times:

    Packet pick-up will be available during the following times:
    Friday, April 30th from 3:00pm-7:30pm at Cousins Paintball
    Saturday, May 1st from 8:00am-6:00pm at Cousins Paintball
    Sunday, May 2nd from 8:00am-6:00pm at Cousins Paintball

  • ChrisJ 04/20/2010 21:26:30

    I'll probably be in for hanging out at warrior dash and manning the tent/beer.

    You guys doing Edgefest in Frisco too? I can't believe I didn't see the lineup before you mentioned it to me at social Friday. Some great bands on the 2nd stage that I would like to see.
  • JeffP 04/20/2010 15:33:54

    Marla - It says we can pickup our packets on saturday too. 

    Am searching for a cape as my costume...
  • cat 04/20/2010 15:06:18

    Put me down to cheer, volunteer, take CF Strong pictures, team mom, whatever.
  • CoachYocom 04/20/2010 14:47:39

    Here is some more information, so that we can all have a meeting place.
  • marlam 04/20/2010 14:36:34

    We need to all get together and discuss the logistics. I know packet pickup is on Friday, in Forney. I know I will not be able to drive to Forney on Friday.

    Let's discuss!
  • CoachYocom 04/20/2010 14:35:39

    Hey Guys, even if you are not running. Crossfit is getting a booth and we need volunteers. It will be a great time to just sit around in the sun and drink.  MY blog is about to discuss. I will also have a spot on the spreadsheet to let us know what time you are racing.


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