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We welcome Drop-ins and offer this as a courtesy to existing CrossFit members from out of town. Please fill out this form above prior to coming.


Start Here - Dynamics!

Start this week with CrossFit Strong DYNAMICS!  You can try a Free Strong Dynamic Class all week at 5:30am or 6:00pm or Saturday FREE Intro at 9:30AM. These classes are coach-led and open to all fitness levels.  If you need to get back to work,  we have 3 showers for men and 3 for women.

 Please fill out the REQUIRED online liability waiver: www.crossfitstrong.com/waiver.

DYNAMICS can be your daily fitness routine or a starting place to transition into CrossFit classes. Think of DYNAMICS as a CrossFit Lite or Bootcamp class. We will touch on some barbell movements, but primarily will keep it simple with movements that everyone can do.

  • Who is it For: Everyone! If you’re looking to get in shape and find out about CrossFit workouts, DYNAMICS  is your place to start building your fitness foundation. 
  • What do I Get: Our coach led class will help you improve your overall fitness through high intensity, constantly varied workouts.
  • When: Monday through Friday 5:30 AM or 6:00 PM and they run for 1 hour. We also run Dynamics M/T/W @ 6:00AM and M/T @ 5:30PM
  • Why: Foundations classes serve two purposes:
    • Give you a great workout year round,
    • Or provide you movement instruction and mobility guidance to help you transition into the general CrossFit classes.
  • Ready for the general CrossFit classes?: You can request to be checked-off on the fundamental movements from a Coach or you can schedule a few personal training sessions. 

To join we MUST have some forms BEFORE you start. Please fill out our liability waiver and/or membership form.

Existing CrossFit Athlete?

Certain athletes that have done CrossFit before can be exempt from taking Dynamics, but you will be required to do a check off of your movements with a coach. An email from your current trainer is appreciated so that we can decide if you’d be better suited to take Foundations or join the group classes.

Remember we MUST have some forms BEFORE you start. Please fill out our liability waiver and/or membership form.